The story of your flight

Thinking of flying with us? Or maybe you’ve already received a voucher… Okay, this is where the fun begins.

At Cotswold Balloon Safaris we believe that taking a flight with us is a journey in more ways than one. A journey in which you’ll make new friends, see the world like you’ve never seen it before, and forge some memories that will last a lifetime.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to your flight, including a few little things you’ll need to do before the big day. Just so we’re sure you’ll enjoy your experience to the full.

Step 1

Choose your launch site and book your flight date

We’ve got some idyllic Cotswolds launch sites for you to choose from.

We also recommend you book your in-flight photo in advance.

Step 2

Keep an eye on the weather

We want you to love every second of your flight, so we’ll only take off in good weather. It’s not much fun up there in the pouring rain!

Check the flight information traffic light on the book a flight page; so long as the flight shows ‘green’ you’ll be good to go. Keep an eye on the forecasts too, so you can dress accordingly. Lots of light layers is usually the way to go.

Step 3

The big day’s here!

Make sure you print out and bring your flight ticket with you as this is your personal boarding pass for your pilot to check you in (a printed or digital copy is acceptable).

Try to give yourself plenty of time to get to the launch site. Our handy map and journey planner will help you.

When you arrive, you’ll soon spot the Cotswold Balloon Safaris land rover – it’s bright yellow! We usually get to the site in plenty of time to set up. So come on over and say hello. You’ll get the chance to meet your fellow aeronauts too.

Ballooning is a participation sport. And if you really want the full hands-on experience, the pilot and crew will be happy to get you involved.

Step 4


Your pilot will run through a full safety briefing with you, covering everything you need to know. But if you do still have any questions at the end, you’ll be given the opportunity to ask them.  

Step 5

Climb aboard

Once we’ve inflated the balloon, it’ll be time to get on board, there’s a bit of a knack to it, but we’re here to help you.

Final chance – are you sure you’ve got your camera?

Step 6


Finally, after all the waiting, it’s time to take off. Time to experience lighter-than-air flight.

You’ll be amazed at how it feels. It’s not like you’re drifting away from the Earth, it’s like the Earth is drifting away from you!

Give a cheery wave to your friends and relatives and then give yourself over to the experience.  Enjoy the wonderful spectacle of the Cotswolds like you’ve never seen them before. Enjoy the company, the incredible photo opportunities – and the chilled champagne.

Your pilot will guide you on your way smoothly and serenely. Feel free to ask him or her any questions and be sure to give a big smile when they take your in-flight photo.

Step 7


We’re sure you’ll be convinced – like us – that this is the only way to travel. But when it’s time to land, your pilot will remind you of your landing positions and bring you back down to Earth.

There might be a little bump, or the basket may drag just a little. The basket might even land on its side. Don’t worry – these are all perfectly normal landings.

Your pilot will tell you when it’s safe to climb out.

Step 8

Your certificate

You’ve done it. Wasn’t it an incredible experience? And now you’ve got the flight certificate to prove it, signed by your pilot.

That’s not quite the end of the experience. Get involved and give us a hand to pack the balloon away. It’ll be a very quick process with all hands on deck, so we’d love you to pitch in and help out. It’s a bit like packing away a huge tent. Wait till you see how small it gets!

Step 9


Now it’s time to head back to the launch field – strictly on terra firma this time, I’m afraid. But at least there’s a hero’s welcome waiting for you as your friends and relatives crowd round, eager to hear all about it.

You’ll notice that in addition to flying from tourist visitor attractions, we’ve also chosen to fly from two of the region’s best hotels (Ellenborough Park and The Wood Norton), so that gives you the chance to book a table in advance and round off the trip in style.

Oh, and just because the flight is over, it’s not necessarily the end of the journey…

Why not swap email addresses with your fellow aeronauts, so you can keep in touch and swap some pictures?

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It’s easy to book a flight for you or your friends. Just decide where you want to fly from and book online. See our FAQs page if you’ve got any questions.

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Taking a flight with us is a journey in more ways than one. A journey in which you’ll make new friends and see the world like you’ve never seen it before.

Your journey can start from a variety of wonderful Cotswold locations; from luxury hotels to tourist visitor attractions.

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Thinking of buying someone a balloon flight voucher as a gift? It’s a very special gift…

Every balloon flight is an amazing experience. Your gift recipient will join Captain Mike and his crew on a unique aerial tour of the Cotswolds in a trip that combines thrilling excitement and absolute serenity.

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Make your gift even more special with the Cotswold Balloon Safaris ‘Balloon in a box!’

We will send to your chosen recipient an inflated helium balloon with their flight voucher attached with a ribbon.

Your ‘Balloon in a box’ will be sent by Special Delivery. To purchase ‘Balloon in a box’ select the option during purchasing your flight voucher.

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