Why balloon safaris?

At Cotswold Balloon Safaris we like to think every flight with us is a journey. Not just a journey in a conventional sense; a journey in which you will make new friends and experience the world like you’ve never experienced it before. A journey in which you will forge memories that will last a lifetime.

Our founder and company Chief Pilot, Mike Jennings, has spent most of his flying career working in the legendary Masai Mara game reserve. During that time, Captain Mike became friends with an old Masai warrior Mzee Otuni – known as Fred. On one of their regular afternoon ‘walkabouts’, as the cows meandered back to the safety of the village ‘boma’ Fred explained that the richness of a warrior’s journey through life will affect the amount of cattle (and erm, wives) he will have in the next life, and where he will sit in the Elders Hut.

Journey well, he used to say, and you will be a brave warrior with lots of cattle, a wife with a strong back and a place to sit near the fire.

Cotswold Balloon Safaris can’t promise you lots of cattle, a place in the Elders Hut next to the fire, or even a wife with a strong back (to carry firewood and water from the river). But we can promise you a wonderful journey and special memories of our beautiful Cotswold countryside.

Safari Njema – Journey Well – as Chief Fred would say.

Taking a flight with us is a journey in more ways than one. A journey in which you’ll make new friends and see the world like you’ve never seen it before.

Your journey can start from a variety of wonderful Cotswold locations; from luxury hotels to tourist visitor attractions.

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Your pilot – and your host for the adventure has accrued some 2,000 flying hours (35,000 balloon miles) all over the world. That makes him one of the most experienced balloonists anywhere the world. And yes, Captain Mike is licensed to fly balloons practically anywhere. He’s got licenses for the UK, India, Turkey, Kenya, New Zealand and the USA.

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Thinking of buying someone a balloon flight voucher as a gift? It’s a very special gift…

Every balloon flight is an amazing experience. Your gift recipient will join Captain Mike and his crew on a unique aerial tour of the Cotswolds in a trip that combines thrilling excitement and absolute serenity.

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